crestMary Ward, an English woman began a new form of religious life for women in 1609. She based her founding charism on the spirituality on St Ignatius of Loyola. This charism continues to inspire and promote Mary Ward’s International missions in approximately 40 countries throughout the world.

The Loreto Institute (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary) began in Mauritius in 1845. Since then, the primary focus is centered on empowering young people and adults principally through the wide umbrella of education, whether in schools, retreat work or catechetical/pastoral care, developing their full potential to become a happy fulfilled person of integrity, generous in serving others and thus contributing to the building of a better world.

The Loreto Sisters in Mauritius welcome each of you to be part of our Loreto Family whether as volunteers, collaborators, colleagues and employees or even joining us as Loreto Sisters.

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